February 2020 update:
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Rogue Buddha Gallery: Unloved Creatures 2020!
Through March 15, 2020
Unloved Creatures returns!!
Unloved Creatures 2020 is a mutation of the wildly successful 2019 show at Rogue Buddha Gallery. Eli Libson, Alex Kuno, Heather Renaux, and John Sauer are back AND the creativity and energy are doubled with four more artists added to the mix; Angel Hawari, & DC Ice, Kao Lee, & Jessie McNally!
This extremely varied group of artists will thrill you with their rich and stunning worlds. Experience many different realms, from campy to creepy, sultry to sweet. Human or monster? Sometimes the lines blur, but one thing is for sure: You will love this show.

Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium, 46th & Bloomington Ave. S. Mpls.:
I have a handful of paintings and prints available at this wonderful little shop. Stop by and check this place out!


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