John Sauer – Minneapolis based painter and illustrator.

As an illustrator: I’ve worked with a wide variety of satisfied clients locally and nationally since 1994. A partial list includes: The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. 3M, General Mills, Target, Winsor Publishing, Prolific Games, Carleton College, and many local designers.
As an artist:  I like to think of each piece as part of a larger story. My goal is to connect with people and share a little something about myself using a variety of themes including landscape, still life, surreal cartoons, and lowbrow pop culture – often with a little humor and a bit of pathos added. Like that really great mix tape that you keep around.


Please feel free to contact me with questions you have regarding art, illustration, or anything here at johnsauer.com.

Thanks for visiting!   -John
p.s. I firmly believe pencil boxes contain magic.