John Sauer – Minneapolis based painter and illustrator.

As an illustrator: I’ve worked with a wide variety of satisfied clients locally and nationally since 1994. A partial list includes: The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. 3M, General Mills, Target, Winsor Publishing, Prolific Games, Carleton College, and many, many local designers.
As an artist:  I like to think of my work as a visual mix tape, with each painting part of a larger story. The goal is to connect with people and share a slightly wobbly view of the world using a wide variety of themes and interests, both highbrow and lowbrow, often with a little humor and a bit of pathos added.


Please feel free to contact me with questions you have regarding art, illustration, or anything here at johnsauer.com.

Thanks for visiting!   -John
p.s. I firmly believe pencil boxes contain magic.